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Institute for Quality Assurance in Surgical Care gGmbH

Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg



International prospective multicenter observational quality study of single incision multi port / single port abdominal surgery (German Trial Registry DRKS00004594) 





 Call for entries




Single-incision multiport or single port abdominal surgery has spread widely in recent years. However, large multicenter studies that could report the unknown risks, complication rates, and benefits of these new techniques are still missing. Many important questions cannot be answered by prospective randomized clinical trials because of the small number of cases in such studies.

For this reason we are offering a quality control study at the Institute for Quality Assurance in Surgical Care in Magdeburg (Germany) starting 01/01/2014. Participation is free of charge and all participant clinics will be informed of their care quality in relation to the whole study population in an annual benchmark.

The online case report form (CRF) comprises only two pages. The directors of this study are Prof. Dr. Lippert and Prof. Dr. Mantke (Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg).

Prof. Dr. Mantke ( and Mrs. Rhode from the Institute for Quality Assurance in Surgical Care (, Tel. +49 391/6714068, Fax +49 391/6717960) are available for further inquiries.




Prof. Dr. Lippert                                                            Prof. Dr. Mantke


Please contact us if you are outside Germany and interested in participating in this study!